Volcano poems

November 3rd, 2014

4H have worked hard to write wonderful and dramatic volcano poems. Here are a few:

Bubbling lava flowing through the dangerous vent,
The devourer is spewing and spitting sparks,
The murderous killer has burnt innocent people,
It will burn you, demolish you, eat you alive.
It is nothing but destruction and death.

By Nima

Vicious volcano waiting to erupt,
Suddenly… Lave,
Fireworks shooting to space,
It covers houses,
And shops,
Ever the giant volcano.
Never touch,
It will kill you.

By Hamza

Rumbling when awakens,
Cant’t hold it any longer,
Peace and quiet,
The fire breathing, powerful monster growls,
Bubbling lava flows straight down his body,
Burning everything in his path,
It’s blood is everywhere in the town
The villagers pray,
Meanwhile the hungry monster looks for his dinner.

By Feyi

Magical magma fiercely rushing out of the volcano,
Spitting lava spitting all over the villages,
The fancy flank is moving around the terrifying, bubbling lava,
Rushing out of the volcano fiercely like a beast trying to catch its prey.

By Hafsa A

2 Responses to “Volcano poems”

  1. Rawan on November 4, 2014 7:42 pm

    Miss Holt I`ve got a poem:
    Melted, molten rock,
    Like soup that boils,
    In a crock…

  2. Hala on November 16, 2014 6:48 pm

    Really nice poems Nima,Hamza,Feyi and lastly Hafsa.A keep up your great work.From Hala

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